About me.

My name is Brian Roth and I would like to introduce you to Employment 2 Deployment, an organization dedicated to helping others lead better.  I’ve spent the last 30 years studying and applying leadership in the United States Navy, for profit and non-profit organizations, and raising my kids.  Those 30 years span 22 years in the navy, active duty and reserves, church leadership, 10 years of managing a power plant, and six years as the Vice President of Operations for a power services company.  My passion for leadership started in the navy as a young officer puzzled by the leadership—the lack thereof, that is—at the top levels of my submarine. How could one oversee a $750 million submarine and not be a great leader…or even an average one? Another way to ask this: Whose view of leadership was correct— “theirs” or mine?   From that questions comes 30 years of lessons learned, of which I have decided to spend the remainder of my life sharing with others who care to improve their leadership regardless of where they are on their leadership journey.   I know you have a lot of options when it comes to leadership development, but Employment 2 Deployment is different 

  • we believe everyone is wired to lead
  • we believe leadership and management are equally important but different
  • we believe leadership is about climbing down not up
  • we believe once you understand the keys to leadership, you will be able to unlock your leadership potential
  • we believe once your leadership potential is unlocked, your influence and impact will increase as the power of your leadership is unleashed


Leadership is about turning the ship onto a desired course and management is about operating the ship more efficiently.

Bonds and commodities are much more stable than stocks and trades. We allow our clients to invest in the right bonds & commodities.

Organizational structure won’t solve your problems but it either acts as an accelerator or impediment to improvement.

Honey, What Did You Get Done This Week?

As I walked through the door at the end of another week, my beautiful wife, Sharice, greeted me with these words, “Honey, what do you get done this week?” Now, a question such as, “What did you accomplish?” seems like a very straightforward one. The perspectives from which that question was asked and answered can be a problem, however.

35 Simple Words Create a Powerful and Authentic Story

This declaration or statement of independence is an authentic story, connecting the message, the story, with the messenger, the authenticity. An authentic story is similar to a vision except vision implies a message where an authentic story connects the message to a messenger.

History , Legacy, Destiny

Leaders who produce make history, leaders who develop leave a legacy, but leaders who descend…they have a chance to reach their destiny, their created purpose.

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