About E2D

Climbing Down

Employment 2 Deployment was created to help people activate their leadership potential to move from employment, or making a living “2” deployment, or making a difference.

Why Employment 2 Deployment? Employment is probably self-explanatory; it is a trade that pays you money. Also known as a J. O. B. It is one of the primary indicators the Unites States government uses to access economic performance and a source of great frustration for many people. Shouldn’t people who have a job be thankful they have a job? If the option is a job or no job, then a job is better. So why would people that have a job be frustrated if they should be thankful they have one? What is the source of frustration? Let’s look at deployment first, then explain the frustration.

Deployment is a military term that means purpose or mission, a specific assignment that uses a unit’s particular skills. That assignment supports the overall objective of all the deployed units.

People are created to be deployed, to use their specific gifts and talents to support and overall objective. That means our aim as leaders should be to help people find their assignments and allow them to use that assignment. As Jim Collins would say, “Get the right people on the rights seats on the bus”. When people are in the wrong seats, they are frustrated because they know they can give more, but without being empowered, feel helpless in delivering that more. The farther people are away from their deployment, the greater the frustration gap, the gap between their employment and deployment.

Finally, why the number “2” instead of “to”? 2 is the paradox between unity and disunity. Examples would be the unity of marriage as the two become one and disunity, like division or two visions.