Ron White, RC White Enterprises, Inc.

It’s been several weeks since I completed reading your book. As indicated earlier, I could not put it down and completed in 5 days, amidst a crazy-busy schedule. I have had time now to reflect on the impact CLIMBING DOWN has had, even over the past few weeks. We rarely think of the profound intention of what “DOWN” has on our lives and your writing encourages us to look closer.

  • While Heaven is up; the Good Lord looks down upon us
  • We kneel (down) to take the Body & Blood of Christ
  • We bow our heads (down) in prayer
  • We have to stoop down to pick-up our kids
  • We build up but in order to do so, dig down to anchor a foundation
  • Gravity keeps us down

I could go on but know you get my point. That is context as it only applies to the title or metaphor. But the writing also is beyond compelling. Speaking from experience as an Individual Contributor, Manager, Leader and into Consulting, one can never-ever stop learning! Even in Leadership, you still are following and if you don’t think so, fulfilling your life/legacy becomes so much more difficult. I thank you for reinforcing! CLIMBING DOWN drives the point that Leadership is beyond your profession, family and personal life, it is so much about impact, influence and inspiring all who are in or enter your orbit. While you spoke often of Drucker, I am an avid studier of Covey. There are consistent parallels between each of you 3 authors and enjoyed the reinforcement through the CLIMBING DOWN metaphor.

My plan going forward to is to leverage the teachings from the book into my Consulting Practice. Not only in terms of future engagements but how I can better position myself through both Leadership and followership, interacting with those I have the pleasure of meeting and working with. In my Consulting work, most Leaders/Executives have left learning behind and are so far up the “ladder” they cannot see below them for the clouds! How can you follow a Leader who is up in the clouds and you cannot see, not to mention being beyond any possibility of inspiring or influencing.

Your reference to MLK was illuminating for he was ever-present which super-charged his authenticity! And yes, his “I Have a Dream Speech” while unscripted, was prompted by Mahalia Jackson! Who repeatedly shouted out to Dr. King, “tell them about the dream….”. Just think if she wasn’t there…..hmmmm. Thank you for sharing your dream! In my Practice, I am constantly encouraging both Leaders and Followers to “share their dream(s)”. It is indeed, as you say, telling the story and being authentic. More please!!!!

Thank you again for your Leadership, Inspiration and Influence through simply sharing CLIMBING DOWN. It will forever have a profound impact personally, professionally and spiritually.

Ron White, President

RC White Enterprises, Inc.

Greg Shoulders, founder, Government Services, LLC

Climbing Down is one of those books that at my age left me saying I wish I had understood this decades ago. It also has made me clarify my own purpose which has added focus and energy to each morning as I awaken. A book good for any age. The awareness to understand the ever-changing type of leadership one's followers are granting along with the associated leadership response needed is invaluable. But, knowing that the principles behind Climbing Down are based on the greatest leader I know is inspiring. Many thanks Brian.

Greg Shoulders, founder, Government Services, LLC