Organizational Health A True Differentiator

April 6, 2020 |  Categories:  Leadership  

What's your biggest issue, retention, employee engagement, productivity, profitability, succession planning, customer experience, or something else? Is there a universal solution? Yes, organizational health.  

Organizational health is the ability of an organization to balance leadership and management. 

Most organizations don't think in terms of balance but measurable metrics. These metrics are essential, but they will ebb and flow as focus comes and goes. The stabilizing force to exceed these metrics isn't focused management, but more balance, the balance between leadership and management. The connection that will accelerate organizational health is understanding interpersonal relationships. I know the common buzzword is Emotional Intelligence. However, a simple understanding of relational dynamics can quickly change an organization into one with positive energy that results from positive interactions.

What is leadership? Authentic storytelling where trust is pervasive, action inspired, and empowerment accepted by many resulting in unlocking the leadership potential of willing employees. 

What is management? Planning, processes, and procedures that create a pathway to achieving goals, metrics, and objectives.

Simplified, leadership is about pointing the ship in the right direction, and management is about operating the vessel so it can arrive at the desired destination. If the ship is pointed in the right direction but "dead in the water," or if the ship is pointed in the wrong direction or not pointed at all but operates well, the result in both cases is you won't arrive at the desired destination.


This illustration is inadequate because it depicts balance as 50% leadership and 50% management. That might be the case, but balance doesn't have to be 50/50.  If we find our high school physics equations, we might find one that says

             Weight (W1) x Distance (D1) = Weight (W2) x Distance (D2)

That says that you can balance the seesaw of leadership and management, even if their "weight" is different.  Therefore, the goal of organizational health is understanding balance and then daily applying balance to your leadership and management. Then and only then can we start to create a healthy organization that can deliver noticeable evidence that will differentiate your organization from others.

What's the bottom line? Organizational health is about balance. Understanding leadership and management, then finding a daily balance, will allow your organization to function at or near their potential and set you apart from your competitors. Relational dynamics is an accelerator for improved organizational health.

E2D can assess your organization's health and provide a customized improvement program.   


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